Creating The Apple iRoom At Home With The iDock

Written by Matthew Lentini     16/06/2011 | 07:09 | Category: INDUSTRY

The iRoom iDock is an iPad-specific, wall-mounted docking system that acts as a hub for the home network.

Creating The Apple iRoom At Home With The iDock

Rather than having a fixed wall-mounted control box, iRoom lets users use the growing number of home automation apps cropping up onto the Apple app store to control their home via their iPad.

The iDock is installed into masonry or dry stud walls and iPads are slotted into the dock and given a continuous charge. From there, the iPad is hooked up to your home's WiFi network to fit into your home automation system.

While it's made to fit flush against a wall, it also features a few little mechanical perks that make it run smooth.

iRoom touts its product to be the only iPad in-wall docking system that allows easy removal of the device through its motorised release system. When the release button is pressed, the iPad slot tilts 20 degrees forward for 10 seconds for safe removal of the device.

As a contingency plan, the slot will automatically open in the effect of a power or mechanical failure, so users don't have to worry about getting their expensive little device trapped in a wall mount.

The iDock retails at $1,499.

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