FttP: More Premises To Miss Out

Written by Computer Daily News      17/04/2014 | 10:52 | Category: INDUSTRY

Another 300,000 premises across Australia will miss out on promised fibre-to-the-premises connections, according to an IT News report.

FttP: More Premises To Miss Out
It claims this follows a 2 percent cut in the Coalition's promise to deliver FttP to 22 percent of premises - already well below the targets set by NBN Co under the original Labor Government plan.

The new figures mean around 300,000 fewer premises will receive a direct fibre link, with the FttP rollout now likely to reach only 2.6 million premises out of 13.2 million, according to IT News.

The report says these figures were gleaned from a recent presentation to NBN Co wholesale customers.

NBN Co is said to have confirmed that the latest targets are for FttP to reach 20 percent of premises; while 46 percent will be serviced by either fibre-to-the-node or basement; 28 percent will use existing hybrid-fibre coaxial pay-TV connections; and 6 percent will depend on satellite or fixed wireless.