Telstra + NBC Talk Settlement After Judge Delays $100M Claim Case

Written by Computer Daily News     11/11/2013 | 08:00 | Category: INDUSTRY

A Telstra lawsuit launched against NBN Co over the $11.2 billion deal the two companies signed for infrastructure building of the NBN has been held over until December 13.

Telstra + NBC Talk Settlement After Judge Delays $100M Claim Case

The NSW Supreme Court on Friday was meant to determine the next steps of the case.

But Justice Hammerschlag declared directions would be stood over until December 13, pending looming renegotiations between Telstra and NBN Co over the deal.

The dispute stems from the $11.2 billion contract that allowed NBN Co to rent access to Telstra's network of the underground pits and ducts that house its copper phone network.

Telstra believes payments should have been linked to 2011 when it and NBN Co first agreed to the deal. But NBN Co has claimed it should be linked to 2012 when Telstra's shareholders ratified the contract. The difference in year would be affected by the consumer price index.

If Telstra wins, the company will get between $100 million and $200 million more than what NBN Co expects to pay over a 10-year period.