Internet Speeds: Oz Lags Again

Written by Computer Daily News      28/04/2014 | 09:12 | Category: INDUSTRY

Australia is still lagging average Internet connection speeds ranking just 44th in the world. The latest Akamai State of the Internet Report shows online trends for the fourth quarter of 2013, based on data gathered from its global platform.

Internet Speeds: Oz Lags Again
Hong Kong and South Korea boast the highest average peak connection speeds and remain the only two countries above 60Mbps, at 68 and 64.4Mbps, respectively.

Average connection speeds in Australia were just 5.8Mbps, up slightly quarter-over-quarter. Australia ranked 32nd globally in terms of average peak connection speeds, down two positions from the previous quarter.

Peak connection speeds were recorded at 35.2Mbps, a 17 percent increase quarter-over-quarter. Year-on-year changes saw a 46 percent increase in Australia compared to the same period in 2012.

Australia ranked 37th globally in terms of high broadband (above 10 Mbps) connectivity - the same position as the previous quarter.

Akamai said the global average connection speed improved by 5.5 percent, reaching 3.8 Mbps. However some of the top countries actually experienced declines, compared to previous quarters.

This included top spot holder South Korea, down 1.1pc, despite holding onto the lead at 21.9mbps average connection speed.