Belkin's New Router Frees Up Internet Traffic

Written by Tony Ibrahim     10/08/2012 | 01:33 | Category: ROUTERS AND SWITCHES

With a variety of TVs, gaming consoles, smartphones and tablets communicating with one another via DLNA/AirPlay technology, traffic on your home network is congesting. Belkin is looking to add more lanes to free this congestion up with their new 802.11 ac dual band router.

The company has launched a wireless router that jumps on the ac standard, enabling speeds almost "three times faster than [the] existing 802.11n technology." This technology endows Belkin's AC1200DB router with the ability to stream videos across multiple devices easily.

"With a majority of video content being consumed on devices such as smart TVs, smartphones, and tablets instead of a home computer, today's tech-savvy families have an increasing need for simultaneous connections to multiple devices throughout their homes," said Mike Chen, senior director of Belkin's networking business.

"The enhanced speed and expanded coverage of Belkin's AC router enables families to achieve the truly seamless online experiences they crave."

The AC1200DB provides gigabit speeds wirelessly over an extended range with greater reliability. It also features two USB ports along its spine which can be used to wirelessly access a printer or hard-disk drive.

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Belkin's AC1200DB will be available mid-August for a recommended retail price of $279.95. Over the page is a break-down of its specs as per its press release.

AC1200 DB Wi-Fi Dual-Band AC+ Gigabit Router (F9K1113) $279.95 RRP
· AC1200 DB is up to 2.8 times faster than 802.11n technology, operating on 1167Mbps link rate (300Mbps on 2.4GHz + 867Mbps on 5GHz)
· Uninterrupted HD streaming to multiple devices simultaneously helps conserve battery power on mobile devices
· Belkin's built-in IntelliStream QoS automatically prioritises video and gaming and reduces loading time on frequently visited sites
· MultiBeam technology provides a high-powered signal for maximum coverage across the entire home
· Parental Control powered by Norton blocks unsafe and inappropriate content with three available levels of protection
· Media Server technology allows you to stream DLNA multimedia throughout your home
· IPv6 compatibility future-proofs the home network
· Backward-compatible with previous generations of Wi-Fi
· 4 Gigabit ports for maximum network speeds