Give Your WiFi Network A Boost With WDs Range Extender

Written by Tony Ibrahim     22/10/2012 | 00:23 | Category: ROUTERS AND SWITCHES

It's funny how cutting edge products turn into rotten potatoes when they pick up a shoddy internet signal. Often the experience is ruined because your WiFi router doesn't have enough oomph to suit your surroundings, but don't move houses because Western Digital has a solution.

Give Your WiFi Network A Boost With WDs Range Extender

The company has a product that amplifies your home WiFi signal. It's called the WD My Net Wi-Fi Range Extender and it provides your smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs—and anything else WiFi capable—with a stronger signal by using dual-band WiFi technology.

"The My Net Wi-Fi Range Extender provides faster speeds at greater distances, enabling HD streaming to the outermost areas of the home," explains Scott Vouri, general manager for WD's connected life solutions group.

The range extender features a Gigabit Ethernet port and has a simple two-step set up process. To identify the best possible placement of the range extender, customers can measure the signal's strength according to the light indicators on its façade.

It is compatible with all WiFi certified routers and gateways, as well as wireless WiFi standards from 802.11a to 802.11ac

Western Digital's My Net Wi-Fi Range Extender will have a RRP of $149 and will be in stores early November.