Powerline Tech Shows Its Power At CES 2011

Written by Matthew Lentini     20/12/2010 | 04:51 | Category: ROUTERS AND SWITCHES

CES 2011 will see several vendors launch Powerline kits with several Australian distributors vying to distribute the technology in Australia.

Powerline Tech Shows Its Power At CES 2011 Powerline networking, which turns the home's electrical wiring into a home data network, will be making a strong presence at next year's Consumer Electronics Show.

Some of the new players in the Powerline home networking market include AverLogic, which will demo its HD video streaming product, and HDBaseT Alliance, which will display its new cabling products to go along with the growing take-up of Powerline technology.

Powerline is currently growing with the big players in the market including the Plaster Networks PLN3 adapter, the Linksys PLK300 bridge and the WD Livewire bridge to allow multiple connections from the home power point. These Powerline devices currently offer speeds of up to 200Mbps in the home network.