Chromecast Audio: Where Is Apple Music?

Written by Martin Kovacs     01/10/2015 | 12:15 | Category: WIRELESS

Google's new Chromecast Audio has arrived with support for a range of music streaming services, however Apple Music is a notable exception.

Chromecast Audio: Where Is Apple Music?While the likes of Pandora and Spotify are supported by Google's latest offering, the recently released Apple Music is missing from the line-up, prompting questions as to why.

As reported by TrustedReviews, this is not because of a lack of action on Google's part, with Chromecast Audio supporting iOS devices, but rather is due to Apple.

However, as to why Apple has not joined on is not exactly clear.

TrustedReviews has reported an official Google representative as confirming that Google had requested that Apple support Chromecast Audio.

"We have an open SDK, and any developer can write to that SDK to support cast," TrustedReviews reported the Google US representative as stating at the UK product launch event, continuing, "So, if Apple does that, then it supports iTunes Music."

Chromecast Audio, unveiled by Google this week, plugs into the user's existing speakers, providing for Wi-Fi music streaming of a range of services, including music, radio and podcasts.