Mass exodus from Vodafone last year, new figures show

Vodafone Australia’s half owner Hutchinson Telecommunications Australia (HTA) confirmed 1.2 million customers fled the troubled network in 2013. 

Vodafone’s user base decline from 1,231,000 million to 5.3 million by the end of last year, blamed partly on the closure of ‘3’ brand, integration of Crazy John back into Vodafone, and cancelling inactive Sim accounts which accounted for 400,000 alone, although customers fed up with the unreliable ‘Vodafail’ network was also a factor. 

HTA revenue from operating activities fell 16% to $15.9 m. 

However, Voda’s decline is turning around – and the exodus plateaued in third quarter and showed a “modest net gain” in users during Q4, attributed to better plans, 3G and 4G network and roaming rates. 

Voda now has 800,000 4G users but claims 3G data speeds have doubled. 

HTA reported a $230 million loss for the year end 31 December down from the $395.5 loss a year earlier. 
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