The response time race is set to enter the sub-millisecond space as LCD makers drive the latest LCD displays faster than ever before.

ViewSonic has announced its latest LCD technology has a rated response time of just one millisecond.

ViewSonic has run a series of “firsts” in the race for response times, the latest is no exception with the 1millisecond screens expected to be available later this year.

The LCD technology features the latest ViewSonic OverDrive chip, a plug-in replacement for a microprocessor designed to speed up the PC in which it is used. This is ideal for handling complex PC gaming and motion video applications with an ultra-fast response time that eliminates ghosting and delay. The technology demonstration is based on Dynamic Structure and Amplified Impulse video response acceleration, says the company.

The serious gaming market, one where consumers are willing to spend extra dollars to achieve high performance, is the main target for the initial release of the OverDrive technology, but the high-speed displays will also be attractive to digital content enthusiasts.

ViewSonic calculates its response times by compiling GTG response time data from 16 starting grey levels to 16 ending grey levels (total: 16×16 = 256 response time data points). They test all displays on a full 256×256 grid (total: 65536 data points). This more comprehensive test increases ViewSonic’s confidence level in the resulting average response time.




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