103-Inch Plasma Barged In For Stunning Apartment


Occasionally a custom install job comes along that is an utter standout and this year’s Best of the Best, Installation of the Year winner, is a job done by Len Wallis Audio in Sydney.

The apartment which is located close to the Sydney CBD, features a 103″ Panasonic plasma TV, that had to be barged in. 

This job has everything, from biometric finger locks to Stealth invisible speakers to an awesome Hi Fi and home theatre configuration.
Len Wallis Audio was approached to provide one of Sydney’s most recognised Architectural firms with a smart home that was not only fine lined, concealed & with a stunning presence but had an ultra functional system that the owners could enjoy with absolute ease. 
By living standards it can only be described as a magnificent apartment considering the fact that four large existing apartments (2 of which were originally penthouses) were opened up to become one. The effort that was required to perform such works was significant to say the least with work spanning over more than 1 year. Considering the strict architectural guide lines to create a vibrant minimalist living environment, as this was a really special interior, we were set with one of the most challenging experiences only to be further enhanced by smart toys. How so?
When you enter the apartment you have biometric finger print locks as just a taste of things that await you. Once inside you enter a lifestyle, by many aspects a great one. Take one of the three living rooms for example. Here you become beautifully seated in front of the largest plasma TV that has ever entered Australian shores. This is a 103 inch (220 kilogram) plasma screen that does not only have you thinking “now that’s a TV” but how on earth did you get the TV up there onto the wall. With great difficulty and a football team of helpers, the wall mounted 103 inch Plasma TV screen becomes an outstanding viewing experience once switched.
Bringing pure elegance to the sound to also not take away from the furnishings, Stealth invisible speakers were installed in a 5.1 digital surround sound configuration into the ceiling during building works. So when looking up at the ceiling the down lights appears like stars at night without the clutter of surrounding speaker grills. Essentially when the system is on the dream TV in anyone’s world becomes a breath taking art feature especially when a high definition Blu Ray DVD is displayed. Sound quality when combined with a Velodyne subwoofer and Yamaha digital sound encoding perfectly matches the viewing experience with the acoustics and decor of the room. 

Once seated back the final touch to making the room absolute heaven is the Crestron control system. From the touch of the button not only are the audio visual requirements looked after with absolute ease but also is the lighting, blind control, air-con and floor heating.

With the press of a button the blinds will close, the lighting will adjust, room temperature set to then leave you the choice of a feature film, digital HD TV, Foxtel HD, streamed media via a Mini Mac computer or even the multi-million artists of music available within the Sonos system. The multi- media world is at your fingers tips.   

Walking into a state of the art kitchen, you have a 22 inch LCD TV for general viewing and a pair of Stealth invisible ceiling speakers for the Sonos music system. You also have a Cbus touch screen which also allows for scheduling, lighting & scenes, 8 air conditioning units, floor heating (90% floor coverage) and even the multiple outside louvers. By intergrating C-bus and Crestron we were able to provide the client with a user friendly all in one tailored interface solution. The Biometric locks as previously mentioned have also been incorporated as part of the C-bus system to help create a solution to segregate the apartment for when guest stay over.
When the guest arrives their finger print is taken on the finger print reader and then stored onto the owner’s computer. They then access the back part of the apartment which becomes their own apartment with living room (also containing a 40 inch LCD TV and Blu Ray player/Foxtel), kitchen area etc. The master kitchen C-Bus panel is then disabled from working the guest area – but will work the rest of the apartment. Once the guest leaves they press the finger proof reader and the master panel in the kitchen is automatically made aware now allowing the master kitchen panel to once again control the whole house. 

Once you walk past the kitchen and dining areas you enter yet another living area that appears to have no visible audio visual technology to add to the breath taking views. Once you take hold of Crestron controller you will smile with a pleasant surprise as ” system on” has a 60 inch Plasma screen descend from the ceiling and then further lower again to be at a perfect viewing height as if the screen were magically wall mounted out of nowhere .
But why block such incredible views when the screen can so easily be placed back to disappear into the ceiling when viewing the TV is not required. Just like the invisible surround sound stealth speakers and the digital active subwoofer cleverly enclosed at the rear of the room. The mixing of such enjoyable technology with a strikingly beautiful interior works again to perfection. Equipment concealed out of site behind joinery combines to bring all the entertainment that is also available with the 103 inch plasma TV so each person within the apartment has their own luxurious media capabilities.    
In the main bathroom of the apartment there is a palace like feel with the quality of the finishing. How to place a TV in such an environment leaves you thinking?  The ultimate answer was a Mirror TV. Not only does the TV provide a great care free IP water resistant rating solution with a quality image, but sound also penetrates through the membrane of the mirror TV. When in the bath the relaxation is enhanced from having such a wonderful advancement in technology. You even have a water proof remote from RTI to make it all so simple. 

When you then consider you also have a 42 inch LCD TV in the GYM, 26 inch LCD TV in Study, 32 inch LCD TV in Laundry, Heat & Moisture resistant speakers in the Sauna, all each also having the capability to  listening to the Sonos music system. You soon begin to wonder why any guest would want to leave such an apartment, not only in terms of size, layout, views, interior and the amazing wine cellar that also exists. But simply because when combined with the audio visual technologies provided by Len Wallis Audio throughout the apartment it’s almost like how Charlie felt when he entered the Chocolate factory. Call it a very sweet project, without the tooth ache. A first class project by anyone’s standards.                                               

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