Foxtel and Microsoft have finally announced that Xbox 360 owners in metro areas of Australia will be able to watch content from over 30 of Foxtel’s channels through the Xbox Live. The service will be available for as little as $20 per month.The Foxtel on Xbox 360 television service will feature a mix of live streamed television channels, catch-up TV and Foxtel on Demand.

The Get Started package of live channels streamed online through the Xbox are: FOX8, MTV, Nickelodeon, Channel [V], LifeStyle YOU, Discovery, National Geographic Channel, TV1, SKY NEWS, FOX Sports News and CNN, available from FOXTEL for less than $20 per month. Popular programming titles include Gossip Girl, Jersey Shore, The Hills, The Simpsons, Hustle and WWE.

Foxtel on Xbox 360 subscribers can also choose from a range of additional packages covering Entertainment, Sports and two Movies packages, which will offer both live streamed channels, a catch up TV service, and video On Demand content. Additional channel packages start at $10 per month.

A range of Foxtel’s On Demand content including new release video on demand movies, library movies and TV Series will also be available on FOXTEL on Xbox 360. New release movies will cost $5.95 to rent each, library movies for $3.95 each, and TV Series episodes for $2.95 each, with some children’s TV episodes available at $1.95.


Foxtel Chief Executive and Managing Director, Kim Williams said: “FOXTEL on Xbox 360 offers a new and convenient way to get FOXTEL without a set-top-box and over the internet, which is one part of our overall internet television strategy.”

“We are innovating in the packaging and delivery of Foxtel expanding across multiple devices to provide customers with more ways to enjoy television programming, sport and movies. With the addition of the FOXTEL on Xbox 360 Internet TV service FOXTEL is at the forefront on entertainment technology and will now offer Australians mobile, HD, 3D and Internet TV.”

David McLean, Managing Director of Xbox Australia said, “We couldn’t be more pleased to be partnering with FOXTEL – an organisation with more high quality film, television and sports content than any other in Australia. Together we’re pioneering the delivery of Internet TV on a scale not yet seen in this country. We have sold over a million Xbox 360 consoles already in Australian homes. FOXTEL on Xbox 360 will be available to all Xbox LIVE members in FOXTEL serviced areas.”

All packages will be available by subscription from FOXTEL, registration will be available on the website www.foxtel.com.au from early November 2010. 

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