The cardboard camera, created by designer Jesper Kouthoofd, is IKEA’s latest venture into electronics and is powered by 2 X AA batteries.
To get the paper cam to work, all you need to do its press the front button, wait for the green light to show, and away you go.

The throwaway device branded “the world’s cheapest digital camera” can also can be connected directly to a PC via a pull out USB connector.

There is also an image stabiliser and zoom function for indoor use and claims to take 40 snaps.

The camera is part of IKEA ‘PS At Home’ campaign to get consumers to take snaps of their IKEA kitted out homes and upload them to their website to show off to the world.

The eco friendly cam wont be sold instores however, rather given away for free to IKEA customers in select stores.


Images can then be deleted using a paperclip.

The Swedish furniture giant denies it is “”a move into selling any digital equipment” but rather a push on its new furniture collection, it told the BBC.

Just this month, Ikea revealed its flat pack LED TV range.

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