$299: ZTE Unlocks Super 5.5″ Quad-Core Smartie


Quad core, 5.5″ QHD phone hits OZ. And for $299, wants to complain about?Unveiled in Sydney today, ZTE V969 this is the first branded mobile from the Chinese giant. 

The main point of difference between V969 and the Apple’s and Samsungs on the market is the device, known as  ‘Grand X2 L’ internationally, has dual Sim capability – so you can use two devices in one, or peruse two different mobile services, on the one machine.   
The unlocked 5.5″ QHD Android phone went on sale this week at Dick Smith and Move stores only, for the grand price of $299. 

The white device is slim, long but still fits in your hand, but looks more like a mini phablet than a phone and feels solid. Design wise, it looks very familiar, like a hybrid between a Samsung S4 and an iPhone.  

It runs a 1.3GHz quad-core processor and supports download speeds of 21Mbps, and 5mp rear camera. 

 “We are in the generation of the selfie,” says Megan Bootsma, ZTE Australia. 

And to this end, the 5mp rear camera has some good functionality including panorama setting, which stitches pictures together into a  shortvideo, and takes pics from multi angles. It also has a beautify features to make subjects looker brighter, Auto Focus/Flash LED and a front 0.3MP for Skype and video chats. 

It runs a “vanilla” version of Android Jelly Bean 4.2, which means it doesn’t come with as many annoying preloaded apps or carrier customizations so more free memory space but does not offer Android upgrades. ZTE Mi-Pop lets you customize a set of buttons that can be placed on the homescreen.  

V969 has 4GB storage, microSD card slot up to 32GB and the other smartphone usuals: GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi N, Micro USB V2.0. 

People can use two SIM cards from either Telstra, Vodafone or Optus. This dual 2G/3G Sim capability is handy if you’ve a work phone or use an international SIM like Lebara, but don’t want to use two separate devices.

It does not run on faster 4G network, however a LTE- ready model is likely to be available next year.  

V969 is a global phone that runs on 3G network 900 2100 (GSM Triband 900 1800 1900). 

It also has a device tutorial once you boot it up. V969’s 3200MAh battery lasts for up to 20 hours of talk time, its maker claims.  

ZTE strategy is to launch devices that don’t fit into the usual carrier format and have a point of difference, like V969.  Even though one may fear at $299, quality may be dubious, ZTE say it has one of the lowest device return rates. 

And if you’re wondering who the heck ZTE are, the telecoms giant make a slew of Telstra products like the Dave and Pulse phones, 4G Touch Tab, USB broadband sticks and provides infrastructure to global carriers. 

In fact, ZTE currently sells 80 products between telco own branded handsets, routers and other devices down under.  They are also now among the top 10 world biggest phone makers, and are selling like hot cakes in its native China. 

To date, it has shipped over half a billion phones, globally says Bootsma. 

Also, ZTE are planning to launch a mystery new mobile device which will be open to more channels. 
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