Samsung is rolling out a 1080p camcorder with a built-in 32GB flash drive. The SSD (Solid State Drive) on the device will make it more durable and increases battery life.

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The HMX-105 is the first camcorder in the world to feature this memory system, with Samsung claiming that the unit will operate silently with minimal heat emission, significantly reducing power use and making the camcorder more durable and shock resistant compared with hard disc drive (HDD) or removable memory options. SSD also offers a significantly faster boot-up and playback and record speeds than HDD.

Samsung Electronics Australia’s Digital AV Marketing Manager, Sagar Dave said, “By using this innovative memory technology in our flagship camcorder model, we feel like we’re unlocking the full potential of camcorder as a medium. No longer just a futuristic technology, SSD will provide a more energy efficient, easily accessible and reliable filming experience. Consumers looking for the ultimate video quality in a small, slim-lined package have found their match in the HMX-H105.”

In addition to the 32GB flash memory, the HMX-H105 offers the ability to record in 1080p and supports HDMI input. It also comes with a wide angle focal length Schneider lens, provides a HD Time Lapse recording mode that lets you record a single image at a pre-selected interval, and can capture 4.7 megapixel digital still photos.

The HMX-H105 retails for $1199 and is available this month.

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