In an effort to stimulate sales of 3D TVs, vendors are set to slash 3D model prices according to several sources, with CES 2011 set to be used to introduce new 3D models that also have an IPTV capability.Since being launched at CES 2010, 3D TVs have failed to stimulate consumers into buying a new model, primarily due to their high prices and the use of 3D glasses.

The Wall Street Journal said that for the world’s top TV brands, the plunging prices on 3-D models are a disappointing but not an entirely surprising development in the cut-throat TV industry. In recent years, the industry has introduced a host of innovations for liquid-crystal and plasma display sets, making them slimmer, brighter, and more energy efficient. But those improvements have done little to slow annual price declines of about 20%.

Research firm DisplaySearch says prices on 3-D models have fallen 40% to 50% on average since the first ones were introduced in March.

Prospects for 3D TV are expected to be one of the hottest topics at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, which kicks off the night of January 5 in Las Vegas.

It’s not just the sets that are coming down in prices. The prices of active-shutter glasses needed to create the illusion of depth in this generation’s high-definition 3-D television sets are selling for as little as $15 after selling for about $100 earlier this year.


Manufacturers and retailers have tried to spark demand by bundling pairs of 3-D glasses and throwing in add-ons such as Sony PlayStation 3 consoles and Blu-ray disc players, but so far the promotions haven’t captivated consumers.

“The industry got caught up on itself and misjudged its value to consumers,” said Paul Gray, a Display Search’s research director. “Very definitely, the industry has to chew its way through the inventory.”

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