Well apparently, if MIT researchers have their way.

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The researchers have teamed up with video manufacturers to develop 3D technology, minus the specs. 

Experts from Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab have already come up with a solution called HR3D which is looking to expand 3D field of vision to facilitate multiple viewers on large-screen monitors.

This has been achieved through the ‘use of two layers of liquid-crystal displays configured to have the top-layer LCD panel show a pattern that’s customized to the image beneath it,’ according to a tgdaily report. 

And even when viewers move or change position the HR3D, if brought to life, could mean the 3D images don’t change or blur, a common criticism of the technology today.

And its not just specs that is the only problem plaguing 3D – complaints of dizziness and headaches were reported when Nintendo’s glasses free 3D S console was released earlier this year.

Nintendo claim that a small percentage of people are susceptible to these symptoms when viewing any similar technology – including 3D films or 3D television – because of the way our eyes are required to focus on two different inputs in the absence of other sensory cues.

Both LG and Samsung recently released Smart 3D TV ranges here, but with glasses still part of the viewing experience, although the former dropped the price of the specs quite considerably to 2 for $20.


3D TV manufacturers, including Samsung, regularly placing warnings in instruction manuals that some people experience discomfort while viewing 3D images.

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