4K TV is no longer, say LG

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That’s according to its latest maker LG, who has moved swiftly to change the name of its supersonic (almost) 4000 horizontal pixels TV sets from “4K” to Ultra HD TV, or Ultra High Definition TV.

LG launched the first Ultra HD set in Oz (3840 X 2160 pixels) in October costing a cool $16000.

The LG TV (84LM9600) – now to be known as LG’s 84″ Ultra High Definition TV, or LG’s 84″ Ultra HD TV,

The change comes in the wake of a recent decision by  the Consumer Electronics Association to ditch the ‘4K’ nametag.

The Ultra Definition (UD) TV is four times resolution of a high end Full HD TV 1080p with a res of 1920 X 1080.

Retailers claiming the new technology, along with OLED, will give the TV category a big lift.

LG says it’s important to better inform Australians who are already familiar with High Definition as a term.


“This is one of the most exciting times in TV history: with technology at its best, combined with outstanding Ultra High Definition picture quality, 3D, and interconnectivity, we firmly believe that our 84″ Ultra HD TV will provide our customers with an exceptional viewing experience that has to be seen to be believed,” says Lambro Skropodis, LG Marketing Manager.

However, considering 4K TV content is still rather thin on the ground it may be some time before Ultra HD TV becomes ultra popular.

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