The newest edition of SmartHouse’s digital magazine is packed full of all the latest tech you need to transform your working-from-home lifestyle and you can see it live here.

From premium smartphones such as the $2000 Samsung ZFold 2 5G to the $299 Motorola G9 Play, SmartHouse has got you covered when it comes to picking the right device for your needs.

SmartHouse’s fourth issue for 2020 will also take you through the best notebooks on the market, whether you’re still working from home or are back in the office – including the Acer Swift 7 and the MSI Modern 14.SH2


But as technology plays such a crucial role in absolutely everything we do, SmartHouse is now taking tech beyond the device. We know technology is embedded in every item we wear and use, from our shoes to how we style our hair.

In a new look for SmartHouse, we look at lifestyle technology such as Nike’s Mercurial Dream Speed boots and Jacquard and Google’s smart chip for backpacks and jackets.

We even investigate how active wear brand Under Armour has made a surprising foray into ‘space wear’ after partnering with Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic.

You can read the full issue for free over on our magazine page here.


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