Maxtor is now selling its 80GB Personal Storage 3100 external hard drive for $149 through Officeworks.

The Maxtor Personal Storage 3100 external hard drive, which connects via USB, can hold 75,000 JPEG digital photos or up to 1,650 hours of MP3 digital music.

“More and more people are storing music, images and home movies on their personal computers – and they are quickly finding they are running out of space on their internal hard disks,” said Craig Davis, Australian country manager, Maxtor. “At this value point, customers can purchase an external hard drive that is easy to use and instantly expands their storage capabilities.”

The Maxtor Personal Storage 3100 comes with a 7200 RPM 80GB hard drive with a 2 MB cache buffer. The unit features USB 2.0 and 1.1 interface with a data transfer rates up to 480 Mb/sec.

Suggested retail price is $149.00 and is available from Officeworks stores until sold out. For more detailed information please visit www.maxtor.com or contact (02) 9369-3662

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