Seven months ago, Samsung released the adorned ES9000.

The 74 inch LCD LED television crowned the smart TV phenomenon with its internet repertoire and a slew of interactive features. Now Samsung is prepping store shelves for its successor, the F8000, and we’re enamoured with this set for many more reasons. 

There’s a lot of ‘wow’ in the F8000 and most of it comes from the combination of its mind boggling size and its exceptional picture quality. The large screen is bordered by a fine bezel and an inconspicuous stand, allowing the F8000 to deliver a big screen experience without taking up much space at all. 

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The size-or rather the lack of it-makes the exquisite picture quality an even greater achievement. The petite LED^^ panel has Clear Motion wits for in-focus picture, an Ultra Clear Panel capable of minimising reflections and the lauded Micro Dimming Ultimate tech noted for delivering wholesome blacks. Add the gamut of 3D wizardry and the F8000 is no doubt worthy of the prestigious Samsung badge.

Typically thinner Samsung televisions can suffer in the sound department, but Samsung has managed to squeeze impressive audio from a 40 watt speaker system which includes two woofers. For more sound (we argue you can never have
too much) the F8000 has a clever arc-shaped stand that welcomes soundbars. 

The other well-engineered bonus is a retractable camera suited for Skype phone calls^^. With the expansive screen real-estate, there really isn’t a more intimate way to hold a Skype conversation. 


However, the 5MP camera serves a far more inviting purpose; the F8000 is equipped with Samsung’s second generation motion control technology. Motion control makes it possible for people to navigate the F8000’s menu in a way that comes naturally to because it borrows a lot gestures they use with smartphones. The second tech now read a two hand pinch zoom or image-rotate gesture, in addition to its existing of swipes and waves. 

Furthermore an intelligent voice recognition system makes it possible to find right TV show by simply prompts like “Please find me an action movie” or “Anything interesting to watch?” Its aptitude for vocal cues is matched by a sixth sense to suggest television shows of interest based on your prior viewing habits**. 

Samsung’s content portfolio continues to grow and the F8000’s vast connectivity makes it possible to stream this content over WiFi or, in a new development, over Bluetooth? from a smartphone. In fact, Samsung’s Smartview App^^ helps transform most AndroidT smartphones into powerful companions so that your existing compatible smartphone can be used as a standard remote, a gaming remote or a source of content. 

Although these powerful features are carried out by a potent quadcore processor, compatibility with Samsung’s Evolution Kit, sold separately, will ensure an investment in the F8000 pays dividends for years to come. Several key hardware components can be upgraded annually including the processor, GPU and software. Samsung’s 75 inch F8000 will be available in stores shortly with a recommended retail price of $9,999.
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