This stunning Sydney home features a custom audio-visual installation that will satisfy the fussiest of movie fans. We take a look inside to get some ideas.

How do you go about installing new technology in your home? Via the builder or the electrician, or do you call in a specialist installer?

Actually, it doesn’t really matter, as the owners of a stunning new home in Cromer, NSW found out when their electrician engaged the services of NSW CEDIA member Andrew Parker Custom AV Installations to work on the customisation of this two-storey house which comes with a media room and six zones of distributed audio.

One of the tasks facing Andrew was the distribution of content to three large plasma screens. Two Panasonic 50-inch plasma screens were located either side of a master fireplace that faced onto a lounge and a dining area.

He also had to ensure that content, as well as a distributed Hi-Fi system was easily connected to a 55-inch Hitachi plasma located in a separate media room. The lighting control system was based around a Clipsal system installed by the electrician, who in this case, did not have the skill set to install the custom AV system.


“I get a lot of work from builders and electricians who need the specialist services that a CEDIA installer can provide. This is also reassuring for owners who in the end want an excellent AV job,” said Andrew Parker.

In the media room, the Hitachi 55-inch plasma TV has been connected to Tru Audio speakers and subwoofer. Another key

AV component in the media room is a Harman Kardon DVD and amplifier.

Throughout the six zones of the house, a Russound distributed audio and video system has been installed. This in turn is connected to a 660 GB music server.

Also installed are 10-inch Tru Audio in-ceiling speakers throughout the house. Control of the devices and the distributed audio system is via a Nevo remote which has its own inbuilt video screen which allows for easy access to the remote management system.


The job which took 12 months to complete, cost between $81,000 and $90,000, excluding the C-Bus and lighting control system.


Andrew Parker Custom AV Installations
Cedia Member: Yes
Phone: 02 8824 7177
Website: www.andrewparker.com.au



Jeff Drummond
Phone: 0418 266 176


Phone: 1800 HITACHI
Website: www.hitachi.com.au

Phone: 132 600
Website: www.panasonic.com.au

Phone: 1300 362 603
Website: www.samsung.com.au

Phone: 9790 5060
Website: www.atdec.com.au

Phone: 9452 8600
Website: www.ambertech.com.au

Harman Kardon
Phone: 9700 0111
Website: www.e-hifi.com.au


Cromer, NSW 2099

Approximate Spend:

Type of Installation:

Automation; HiFi; Home Theatre; Networking; Wireless

Planning Time:

Approximately 12 months

Project Time:
Worked on and off over a six month period.

Products Used:

Tru Audio Speakers and Subwoofer
Hitachi 55-inch plasmas
Samsung 26-inch LCDs
Atdec Wall Mounting Brackets
Nevo Universal Remote
Harman Kardon DVD & Amp
Andrews Audio Infrared Kits
Music Server with 660GB Hard Drive


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