Trying to get anything installed at a rental property is like pulling teeth at the best of times, fortunately, renters can now avoid the hassle of calling their landlords and bring their existing door lock into the digital era thanks to the NUKI Smart Lock.

The NUKI Smart Lock 2.0 can be purchased individually for $199, with the NUKI Bridge priced at $419 on their own, with the total bundle costing $549 from their website or Amazon Australia.

Representing a new step in smart lock technology, the NUKI Smart Lock allows users to cover their existing lock rather than replacing the unit altogether, as is common with most smart locks on the market.

The install can be undertaken without the need of a handyman or in-home assistance, with users able to virtually retrofit their house with the NUKI Smart Lock in less than 3 minutes, according to NUKI.

Nuki Smart Lock A Smart Lock For Oz Renters?

Through the included companion app, users can operate the smart lock via Siri, the Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.

Up to 200 smart locks can be managed within the NUKI app if you have that many doors that is.

Users can also purchase an additional $79 key fob to unlock the smart lock, or you could add a digital keypad for access with the Nuki Keypad combo available for preorder for $669.

The NUKI Bridge is required; however, if you want to control the smart lock remotely, as well to enable Google and Alexa voice assistant connectivity.

Fortunately for Apple users, the NUKI Bridge is not required to add the Smart Lock to HomeKit.

One interesting aspect of the NUKI Smart Lock is that it runs on 4xAA batteries rather than a rechargeable battery pack.

Why NUKI has decided to go for traditional alkaline batteries is unclear, especially considering the price point of the product.

For those interested in grabbing yourself a NUKI Smart Lock 2.0, head to their website, where you’ll also find all the extra accessories as well as a preview for the NUKI Opener, coming soon to Australia.

The NUKI Opener is a two-way audio intercom that connects with your smartphone.

Nuki Smart Lock 1 A Smart Lock For Oz Renters?

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