Samsung has launched an upgrade to its existing Miniket models with the new Sports Miniket VP-X110L.

This combined camcorder, digital camera and MP3 player has been developed with an external camera attachment, splash proof covering and higher memory capacity to record all adrenaline charged pursuits.

 The Sports Miniket combines a weather resistant and shock absorbent body with an external camera module that provides hands-free shooting capability. The digitally converged device incorporates all the features consumers expect from a Samsung quality camcorder. The sleek camcorder combines innovative design and video capture capabilities with Samsung’s latest usability enhancements. The external camera module can be mounted on a helmet or any stable surface for extreme sports recording. Active Australian adventures can be shared by using Samsung’s generous 1GB built-in storage capacity featuring a 10X Optical Zoom with 800K Movie Optimised CCD lens for superior colour precision and image detail. The Samsung Sports Miniket comes with MPEG4 movie quality (720×576/25 fps), offering the additional advantage of sharing files quickly via e-mail.

Combining all the user benefits of Samsung’s original Miniket, a unique file transfer option means you can record on the built-in memory, then transfer to a removable Memory Stick for easy download.

Samsung’s Miniket connects to any PC using a high speed USB 2.0 connector and also comes with a power cradle for easy re-charge. It supports MPEG4 format and comes with a cradle for easy connection and re-charging. The Samsung Sports Miniket, priced at $1,299.


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