Acer hooks up with Foxtel for “largest electronics service centre” in OZ.

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Acer has signed a four year contract with Pay TV giant Foxtel to service its millions of set-top boxes.

The deal will see Acer’s dedicated Foxtel repair centre become the largest electronics service centre in Oz and will also service Foxtel’s newly owned Austar boxes. 

The service centre will be located in Sydney’s Regents Park and will have over 140 staff.

Acer’s Managed Solutions will be all responsible for set-top-box repairs, warehousing and logistic and quality assurance, the tech giant said today.

The centre will offer “unprecedented level of service to Foxtel customers” and will take care of in warranty and out-of-warranty servicing.

All new set-top-boxes will be put through rigorous batch quality testing before release.

Acer’s Operations Director, Andrew Bosch, said the company was “thrilled” with the deal with Foxtel, although the value of the deal was not made public.


The deal will lower costs for the Pay TV giant and improves efficiency as they don’t need to outsource multiple companies. Acer has already provided the service to Foxtel for several years.

“Acer’s in-depth experience and strong record of performance achievement in providing these services to Foxtel over the past 5 years well placed Acer to secure the combined Foxtel and Austar managed services business,” said Bosch.

Australian Government departments and corporations, including NSW BusinessLink and NSW Police, already use Acer for their IT integration, support and other managed services.

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