Acer has unveiled the new Ferrari 1100, a notebook that claims to offer ‘luxury portability, exquisite detailing, and state of the art design.’ Only 99 units will be available for sale starting February 21, 2008, making it a ‘limited edition’ notebook aimed at Ferrari enthusiasts.

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Acer Computer’s Senior Product Manager for Australia, Henry Lee said, “Designed to make your pulse race, the Ferrari 1100 has been built to cater for the elite market. The Ferrari 1100 is a premium notebook, one that is exclusive and unique. Ferrari has very high standards in what they expect of an IT vendor and for Acer to be able to badge its notebook with the Ferrari branding; Acer must be able to synchronise with what the Ferrari brand stands for in terms of exclusivity, style, speed, execution and power. Since 2007 Acer has really begun focusing on its brand image in the market. Progressively we are moving into the premium market and introducing products that fit this category. Ferrari 1100 is one of them.”

According to Acer, the new Ferrari 1100 uses carbon fibre for its body, comes with a 3-axis Acer DASP enhancement design, and comes with a Dolby home theatre 5.1 surround sound. It also comes with a 12.1″ WXGA screen, has an integrated slot-loaded DVD super multi disc drive, and is powered by an AMD Turion 64 X2 dual-core mobile technology and AMD M690T chipset. The unit is also bundled with an Acer Xpress VoIP phone and Bluetooth optical mouse to complement the notebook.

Availability and Pricing

The Ferrari 1100 goes on sale 21 February 2008 with an RRP of $3,999.00.

See: www.acer.com.au/ferrari1100

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