Computing giant Acer has announced a slew of laptops, notebooks, monitors and more at the company’s Global Press Conference.

During the conference, Acer put their laptop range front and center. The Swift 1 combines a slim 15mm design with a full HD IPS 13.3-inch display.

Meanwhile, the Swift 3 gives the package a little more grunt, courtesy of an at-this-time unspecified Nvidia graphics card.. Like any Acer laptop, there’s a bevy of RAM, ROM and processor configurations available – as well as two screen sizes (14- and 15.6-inches). If you need a laptop that both packs a punch and slips into your bag with ease, this looks like it’ll fit the bill.

The company are even making a bid for the smartwatch market, called Leap Ware. It’s got a heart rate sensor and while it won’t run on Android Wear (instead using a proprietary OS solution) it does come IP67 certified against water and dust damage.

leap ware 2 640x427 c Acer Reveal 2017 Hardware Lineup

Acer are also looking to branch outside their comfort zone with the Holo 360 – an LTE-enabled 360-degree camera capable of connect right into your social media networks or photo apps.

There’s also a new addition to the all-in-one side of things called the Acer Aspire U27. Acer are talking up the fan-less unibody design, “LiquidLoop” cooling system and support for facial recognition log-on. Spec-wise, the U27 will come in with a next-generation Intel processors and up to 32GBs of RAM.

acer u27 aio intro 1920x1080 1024x576 Acer Reveal 2017 Hardware Lineup

On the tablet side of things, Acer is looking to follow up last year’s Acer Switch 12 Alpha with the new Switch 3. It’s got a similar detachable keyboard and hybrid design found in the Alpha but some key technical changes. Trading out the Intel processor found in it’s predecessor, The Switch 3 features a low-power Pentium chipset.

The Switch 5 polishes these specs a little further and adds an auto-retracting kickstand and fingerprint sensor into the mix.

switch 5 left facing 1000x554 Acer Reveal 2017 Hardware Lineup

Like many of it’s competitors, Acer is also looking to ramp up its efforts on the gaming side of things.

To start with there’s the Nitro 5, a casual gaming laptop featuring a seventh generation Intel processor and Nvidia 1050. For those looking for something a little beefier, there’s the Helios 300. It packs an Nvidia 1060 but promises to keep things cool with Acer’s own AeroBlade 3D fan tech in the mix.

Predator Triton 700 02 Acer Reveal 2017 Hardware Lineup

Finally, there’s the creme de la creme of Acer’s gaming division: the Acer Predator Triton 700. Boasting top-tier specs and a pretty slim form factor (for a gaming laptop), the Triton packs a mechanical keyboard and pushes the touchpad above the keyboard to achieve a more streamlined design.

The other pillar of Acer’s gaming efforts comes in the HDR-enabled and 4K ready Predator X27 gaming monitor. The pitch here is that this is the monitor that “has it all”. It’s true 4K, packs a hefty 144Hz refresh rate and channels Quantum Dot technology to combine the same kind of bright HDR-results you’ll find in a high-end TV with the low-latency performance of a dedicated gaming display.

E4u3DiFuXw8FVzYLQvZ9Uc 650 80 Acer Reveal 2017 Hardware Lineup

Australian availability and pricing for Acer’s 2017 range has yet to be confirmed.

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