Acer has been sued yet again by HP as the battle for global market share in the PC market heats up. If succesful all Acer sales into the US market could be stopped.

Hewlett-Packard has filed its second lawsuit in a month against rival Acer claiming its computers infringe five patents.The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Marshall, Texas, seeks to stop Acer from selling some “desktops, notebooks, media center PC’s and related products for home and business use” .

HP has also filed a complaint with a US trade agency to block imports of Acer computers.

Officials from both HP Taiwan and Acer declined to comment on the latest litigation yesterday. A public relations official from Acer, who requested anonymity, said the company was still looking into the two lawsuits.


On March 27, HP sued Acer in the same Texas court over five different patents. The latest suit involves technology involving power conservation, temperature controls, data transfer and video display resolution.

The patents “generally relate to technologies incorporated in Acer-branded personal computers and digital display devices,” the complaint states.

The latest report by research firm International Data Corp (IDC) shows that Acer was the fastest-growing PC maker among the world’s top five in the first quarter.

HP had a 19.1 percent share of the global PC market in the first quarter, IDC said on Thursday, while Acer tied for third place with China’s Lenovo Group Ltd with 6.7 percent of the market.

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