Ever wondered what could be going on in or around your property when you’re not there? What the cleaner or, heaven forbid, your spouse gets up to in your absence? Now you can find out by creating a digital home surveillance system on a tight budget because, chances are, you’ll already own half the necessary equipment.

The Ezwatch Pro USB DVR Home Surveillance System turns your digital cameras and PC with high-capacity hard disk (Ezwatch recommends Seagate Technology drives) into a digital surveillance system for around $240.

One of the key features of the system is motion-triggered recording. This saves huge amounts of disk space that ‘always on’ video surveillance would chew through. Instead, the system optionally allows recording to trigger when motion occurs within specific “hot spots” of the camera’s view.

Another handy feature is the system’s ability to provide email alerts containing snapshot images and recording details such as time- and date-stamping of video footage.

Not only can you monitor and record remote events, there is also the option to monitor over the internet via a free central website. Furthermore, it has video playback function at varying speeds ranging from two to 16 times normal play, plus text overlay on video files,

Video from all of the installed cameras can be viewed simultaneously in real-time on the PC and images from the camera of your choice replayed at will.

Connecting the system
The USB Home Surveillance device needs to be connected to the USB port and the cameras connected to the Home Surveillance device, either by cables or the Internet. Up to four cameras can be connected to the USB Home Surveillance device, either as part of a local-area network or via the Internet. Consider a four-channel USB DVR kit if you are prepared to spend $20 more.
If you don’t already own a high-capacity disk drive, Ezwatch Pro recommends the Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 ($459).
To ensure smooth viewing, a broadband Internet connection is also recommended.

For more see: www.ezwatchstore.com www.seagate-asia.com


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