Alcatel is Australia’s third largest smartphone Company, at CES 2018 but it was not some super featured smartphone that caught my attention this year it was a sub $50 Flip phone.
Called the QUICKFLIP the low budget offering is perfect for talk-first, text-next customers who prefer an easy-to-use phone without all the added bells and whistles of most smartphones.
The 2.8″ display includes an easy-to-use interface and keypad designed for quick dialling and navigation. Users can check a calendar appointment and reply to email, or surf the web on a 4G LTE network or via Wi-Fi connectivity.

It’s also appears to be a great budget device particularly for the elderly who can easily see and use the big keys or for parents who want to give their kids a simple communication device.SM1 1 Alcatel Flips Out At CES SM2 2 Alcatel Flips Out At CES
Alcatel claims that for parents purchasing their child’s first mobile phone, the QUICKFLIP helps your child stay connected while alleviating many safety concerns that come with most smartphones.

Another key feature is HD Voice* capability, users can also quickly snap photos or take video with the dedicated side camera key. It also has a long-lasting battery.

Up in the more expensive bracket we got a sneak peek at some new models that deliver an 18:9 screen ratio, a fingerprint reader on the back and face unlocking capabilities.

Users can program different fingerprint to simultaneously unlock and open an app, say your inbox or the camera.

There was even an Alcatel smartphone that pulsed to the sound of music or when shaken.
A new Alcatel 5 series which will cost around $490 in Australia. the new device has a casing that resembled brushed-metal it also has a shiny metallic trim.
Also on show was a mock-up of a new Alcatel 1 range that will be sub $150 in Australia. The design is simple, it has a small body and a back that is easy to grip.

Also coming from Alcatel is a dual-camera 5-series.

Alcatel claim that the new products will be revealed at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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