As Netflix and Foxtel continue to ramp up 4K content, Aldi has unveiled a 60-inch Bauhn Ultra HD 4K TV for just $599 – included in its Special Buys sale on January 12.

Accompanying a one year warranty, the TV offers a resolution of  3840 x 2160 and 1200:1 contrast ratio.

With a built-in HD tuner, the TV incorporates  4 x HDMI ports,1 x Optical, 2 x USB and 1 x headphone outputs. (Full specifications on ALDI’s website here).

ALDI 60 inch Aldi Unveil 60″ 4K TV Under $10 An Inch

Joining the 60-inch model is a Bauhn 40-inch Full HD TV with built-in DVD player – retailing for just $299.

The 40-inch TV features a resolution of 1920 x 1080, and also accompanies a one year warranty.

The TV incorporates a high definition tuner, with HDMI connectivity, USB media playback and the ability to record live TV. (Full specifications on ALDI’s website here).

aldi 40 inch Aldi Unveil 60″ 4K TV Under $10 An Inch

Also going to sale on January 12, ALDI has debuted a $69.99 Bluetooth soundbar, equipped with 2 x 15W speakers.

The product is advertised as $10 cheaper than last year.

With a detachable design, the speakers come with a remote control, and boast Bluetooth and NFC pairing functionality.

Users can paid NFC-enabled mobile devices directly to the soundbar with a single tap, or play music wirelessly via Bluetooth.

With a HDMI audio return channel, users can access two-way audio transmission without needing additional cables. (Full specifications on ALDI’s website here).

Like all ALDI Special Buys sales limited are available, with consumers advised to get in quick.

aldi bluetooth speaker Aldi Unveil 60″ 4K TV Under $10 An Inch