ALDI Australia has continued to take on traditional retailers, with the unveiling of an unlocked Nokia 5.1 (16GB) for $199, as part of it March 23 ‘Special Buys’ sale.

The 5.5-inch device features a 16MP rear camera and 8MP front camera, accompanied by a 2 year warranty.

Nokia 5.1 aldi ALDI Unveils Nokia 5.1 For $199

By matter of comparison, is selling a Nokia 5.1 Plus Dual SIM (32GB, Glacier White) for $269 plus delivery, whilst JB Hi-Fi is ranging a Nokia 5.1 Plus (32GB) for $299.

Also joining the handset on March 23 is silver-toned soundbar with ‘enhanced bass’ ($119), high powered mini Hi-Fi system ($169) and 45-inch Full HD TV ($333).

Further information and technical specifications are available on ALDI’s website here.


soundbar ALDI Unveils Nokia 5.1 For $199

Hi Fi sound ALDI Unveils Nokia 5.1 For $199



ALDI tv ALDI Unveils Nokia 5.1 For $199