Coca Cola Australia has teamed up Amazon to share a Coke with Alexa, offering Aussie customers a personalised bottle.

Australians can now redeem a free bottle of Coke through a partnership with Amazon that allows users to link the Coke Skill to any Alexa-enabled device.

Just like any other connected home integration, the new skill allows users to interact with Alexa in an entirely new way.

A total of 2000 custom Coke bottles will be on offer until 4 February.

To redeem your free drink, users must ask Alexa, ‘let’s share a Coke, which will then send a text message to your Amazon account phone number, which will then direct users to the Share a Coke website.

Lucie Austin from Coca-Cola said the ‘campaign enables customers to Share A Coke in a fun, new and innovative way via Alexa’.

The program will also see Amazon position its Echo devices alongside the promotion.

Coca Cola Promotion Alexa ‘Alexa, Let’s Share A Coke’

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