I recently bought a card reader from Alogic out of the blue. This brand is proving popular with retailers such as JB Hi-Fi and the specialist PC accessories channel.

I needed a card reader to get my camcorder formatted for the purpose of starting my own YouTube channel.

I decided on Alogic because the item looked good and was reasonably priced.

The product works well, and my card reader has already been formatted accordingly.

Alogic2 Alogic Prove To Be A Brand To Watch

Now, back to the assignment on hand. When I was told to write a product review on the company, I was pleasantly surprised by their website. It’s well-developed, with lots of interesting photos of several useful devices. It also has loads of products compatible with Apple.

The first one that caught my eye was the Ergonomics laptop stand and risers – a must-have item since the pandemic as more people have been working from home.

Some of Alogics devices have sold out, but many remain available. Pricing ranges from $50 to $250.

Alogic3 Alogic Prove To Be A Brand To Watch

Next is the DX3 Triple 4K Display Universal Docking Station – with 100W power delivery.

This docking station is designed to expand the capability of any laptop and is engineered for compatibility across Windows, MacOS and ChromeOS.

It provides access to all ports required in a home office, education or corporate environment.

Priced at $250, it can be purchased directly from the website.

Another thing that caught my attention is the multi-displays for Chromebooks.

Chromebook users can connect to a range of Alogic docks with a single cable.

Once you’re plugged in to your preferred docking station, you can screen up to three displays at stunning resolutions.
According to recent research commissioned by Dell, workers reported multi-displays equip them with better capacity to view more information at the same time (50 per cent), use multiple programs simultaneously without needing to switch windows (46 per cent), and finish tasks quicker (35 per cent) and more accurately (30 per cent).

Melbourne-based, Alogic is a leading manufacturer of a Premium range of IT Peripherals, consumer electronics and mobility products.

To know more about Alogic products or to purchase them hit alogic.co.