Amazon Launches ‘Your Books’ Hub


Amazon has recently launched its new Your Books hub, described as “a personalized space to explore all of your print, Kindle, and Audible books, receive recommendations based on your reading tastes, and gain insights into your reading habits.”

This hub was designed to encourage users to make more book purchases.

It features a Library tab that shows all books purchased, borrowed, or saved across print books, Kindle, and Audible.

The library can be organised based on categories including genres, authors, or series. This section will also search through Amazon’s collection to provide recommendations.

There’s also a Saved Books section which piles together all books the user has saved to a Wish List. The user can then filter results to show books based on price range, subscription eligibility, genre interests, and more. Book recommendations will also appear here.

%name Amazon Launches ‘Your Books’ Hub

Additionally, there’s a Discovery Mode which transforms the page into a bookstore tailored to the user’s reading tastes. If the user switches to the Genres view, they’ll see suggestions for books from specific genres that are already enjoyed.

Finally, the Similar Titles view provides ideas for books related to ones that have already been read by the user.

The company started in 1995 as an online bookseller, and to this day, continues selling physical books and e-books globally.

The first Kindle e-book reader was released in 2007, and from there, Amazon went on to launch additional Kindle services.

It also acquired audiobook service Audible in 2008, and social reading site Goodreads in 2013.

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