In an attempt to simplify buying a notebook AMD has launched its Vision brand. Rather than concentrate on the specs of a machine AMD wants to give users a system to pick a notebook based on what they want to do with it.

The system will be multi-tiered with three different types of Vision notebooks, each ramping up in price.  The Basic AMD Vision will be the cheapest to buy and will be suitable for everyday computing.  The next level up the Vision Premium is a multimedia and entertainment model.  It has beefier specs and is suited to HD video like Blu-ray.  The Vision Ultimate is the final tier and is centred on content creation.

With hundreds of combinations of processor, graphics chips and other components currently in the market, AMD feels that buying a notebook is too daunting for the average consumer and, more often than not, they rely solely on the recommendation of the retail sales staff.  The idea with Vision is to make the choice simple and give more power back to the consumer.

The success of this branding will depend solely on customer education.  While it may seem more simplistic, this system could run the risk of being another sticker on the chassis that adds to the confusion rather than alleviate it.  The key is how committed AMD is to advertising and how widespread they can get the message out about Vision.

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