We look at a luxurious home in Mosman that has been fully future-proofed with an automation system that didn’t cost the Earth. The custom installers behind the job, Smart Home Solutions, take us for a tour…

A big issue for developers of a SmartHouse is being able to identify what technology is essential without having the financial commitment of the attached hardware such as TVs or sound gear present. This was the challenge that the developers of a property in Stanley Street, Mosman NSW, faced recently when building a stunning new multimillion dollar home close to Balmoral Beach.

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The potential purchaser would have a certain expectation of the level of technology in a luxury home. They would also appreciate having little more to do on moving in.

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The key features installed at Stanley Street include: a distributed music system, lighting control, telephone system, network wireless and ethernet data ports, advanced security system and RF distribution.

Twenty hours of design and engineering went into the project. Working with Sydney based installers Smart Home Solutions run by James Billington, developer Anna Barros chose to go with a Dynalite lighting management system. The Dynalite system is designed from the ground up to deliver advanced capability and above all add-on program capability that allows new or additional features to be added after installation has been completed.


In choosing the gear for this home, Smart Home Solutions also installed a Uniphone DAS phone system.

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The Uniphone is a new concept in phones that combines a telephone, and amplified phone – all in one. People who are deaf, hard of hearing, or hearing impaired can share one phone. It is also an intercom system. A full-featured TTY, the Uniphone also includes a bright display and a comfortable keyboard and an amplified handset.

It is perfect for making Voice Carry Over (VCO) calls. With VCO, you speak directly to the other person and read their typed responses on the display. VCO calls can be made through a toll-free relay service, or directly between Uniphone users for

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absolute privacy. In a similar way, people who can hear but cannot speak can make Hearing Carry Over (HCO) calls.

“Developers often face difficult decisions when building a new home. In many cases they don’t know what devices are going to be attached unless they have chosen to install TVs and hi-fi systems as part of the total solution. Doing this can be fraught with problems as consumers often have their own view about the type of technology they want to attach to their home automation network,” James Billington said.


“In the case of Stanley Street we provided a Structured Cabling System that will allow the new owner to expand on the core home automation system. This is why the Dynalite system is a good investment. It is flexible, commercial quality, can handle heavy loads, and can be programmed for simple use of lighting and audio.”

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Smart Home Solutions Pty Ltd
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33 Stanley Street Mosman

Approximate Spend:

Type of Installation:

Total Smart House including:
Cable House Music
Lighting Control
Telephone System
Security System
RF Distribution

Planning Time:

20 hours design and engineering
including consultation with client prior to commencement of construction

Project Time:
25 hours project management during construction; 85 hours installation and programming 

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