An Expensive B&O Phone For People Who Like To Flaunt It


Struggling Danish Hi Fi Company Bang & Olufsen are once again taking a stab at the phone market in partnership with Samsung. The Company who have made two downward profit forcasts recently has introduced the Serenata, a music mobile phone that delivers B&O styling with Samsung phone expertise and functionality.


In their European press release Samsung say  “Since we started our first co-operation with Bang & Olufsen,  


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we have held the belief that both companies share a passion for innovation and consumer-focused technology. Serenata is another example of new ways to present the mobile phone. I’m proud to say that our customers can see true innovation at work in the Serenata, in the same way we opened a new era of mobile phones with Serene two years ago,” says Geesung Choi, President of the Telecommunications Network Business in Samsung Electronics. 

The Samsung Serenata is definitely a very strange looking phone that will cost you an arm and a leg however  this curious handset is different from almost everything else for a reason. It has to appeal to what has been described by one marketing executive as “Wankers who like to flaunt it”.


The result of a joint effort between Samsung and Bang & Olufsen, the Serenata is an impressive looking multimedia phone with a radical user interface. It is also not the first phone that has come from a Samsung / Bang & Olufsen tie-up. First there was the Serene, announced two years ago – a phone that shared the novel “upside down” approach with the screen.. but one that ultimately offered very little apart from looks.

“We have high expectations of Serenata, as it is a result of our joint vision to constantly push the boundaries, and bring unique and exciting products to our customers. We are confident that Serenata will bring hours of listening pleasure to many of our customers in Asia,” says Lars Myrup, The Singapore based Managing Director of Bang & Olufsen Asia Pacific.
 Serenata features a built-in stereo speaker system which delivers outstanding sound quality. Equipped with a built-in hi-fi speaker and outstanding bass system, the phone delivers high quality sound without any distortion. With this state-of-art technology, mobile phone users can enjoy various kinds of music from pop and rock to jazz and classic in the same way they would through their hi-fi system at home. At anytime and any place, you can listen to the opera in a music quality as if you were there yourself through the integrated loudspeaker system or through the dedicated stereo EarSet 3.


Combining only top-performing speaker components with ingenious acoustic principles and Bang & Olufsen-patented ICEpower amplification, we get the world’s best acoustic performance. The focus has been to provide uncompromised and totally authentic music performance, with emphasis on playback of “uncompressed” music. Serenata also handles playback in various formats, including MP3, WMA, and AAC.
As a dedicated music phone, Serenata brings special ring tones for the users who want to have unique and sophisticated sounds designed by Bang & Olufsen. The sound achieved from a triangle, wind chimes, various types of glass and different types of woods will offer beautiful sounds to match any situation.  
Intuitive user interface
The unique music phone’s sound quality and elegant design does not compromise the ease of use. The click wheel navigation gives users hassle-free control of music functions.
“The basic idea is simplicity and one-hand operation. There are very few actual keys. We use the wheel for all primary operation in the context sensitive menus, like dialling, writing and accessing the music lists. For secondary operation, the wheel is supported by on-screen operation based on sensi-touch technology”, explains Bang & Olufsen Chief designer David Lewis.
To assist the user throughout, the display changes colour depending on whether it is in Phone mode (blue) or Music mode (red). Furthermore, the large 2.4-inch colour LCD display developed by Samsung allows Serenata to show album covers in an excellent resolution and facilitates on-screen navigation. Also, the innovative mobile phone features sensi-touch to enhance the usability.
“Besides the colour-coding and intuitive user interface, we try to help the first-time user with a 4-minute simulation tutorial, which is played in the display, explaining some of the most frequently-used functionality”, Bang & Olufsen Business Manager Brian Laursen explains.
To enhance the usability, Bang & Olufsen has developed BeoPlayer, a simple software that can access and organise all music files on the PC and conveniently transfer them to Serenata. Also through the Samsung PC studio, the users can synchronise the contacts, calendar and to-do list from their computer onto Serenata via Microsoft outlook.

Providing unique mobile experiences
With Samsung’s leadership in mobile phone technology, Serenata represents a unique harmonization of music and mobile phone features.
To offer enhanced multimedia functions, Samsung brings High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) connectivity to Serenata. With 3.5G connectivity, users can enjoy full multimedia features including music and video, e-mail, MMS and instant purchase and download of music tracks. Also the phone features a 4 Gigabyte solid-state memory for storing your digital music and data.

Featuring hi-fi speakers to deliver high quality sound reproduction and telephony, Serenata also provides a portable conference call feature, enabling multiple users to have a phone call a few feet away from the mobile phone.  
Playback of music without disturbance from incoming calls or messages is made possible via the PureMusic function. Serenata still receives calls in the answering device or messages in the inbox, but you are not disturbed while you are listening to the music.

RRP: $2,250 (includes a set of A8 earphones in the price.)


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