The AOpen Mini PC made its debut at this week’s Computex in Taiwan, and though there were many smaller internet-only PCs at the trade fair, it’s the smallest unit to include an optical drive.

Styled almost exactly like Apple’s device, the Mini PC features a Pentium M processor, DVD-RW, and a 2.5 inch drive. It also includes a wireless 802.11g adaptor, and at 150 x 150 x 50 mm it is also smaller than the Mac Mini.

AOpen have also included a TV-out, including S-Video and component connections, meaning the unit could also form part of a home theatre system. Pricing and availability has yet to be announced.

But the smallest PC at Computex went to FIC’s iPC featuring AMD’s Geode processor. At 120 x 135 x 35mm it’s no bigger than a paperback, and includes an onboard Li-Ion battery – making it portable.



Marantz EISA 728x90 1 AOpens PC Mini
MT020 728x90 C0 A0 AOpens PC Mini
728 90 3 AOpens PC Mini
Yamaha Soundbars 728x90 AOpens PC Mini
BEL2054 4Square June F4U097au 728x90 AOpens PC Mini
Denon Home 728x90 AOpens PC Mini
Audio Active Lithe Audio 728x90 AOpens PC Mini
Yamaha Soundbars 728x90 1 AOpens PC Mini
Arlo Essential Creative 728x90 AOpens PC Mini
600 Series Anniversary Edition 728x90 AOpens PC Mini