Apple iPhone 5 D Day Tonight, What’s Coming


The internet has been churning a myriad of Apple iPhone 5 rumours with enthusiasts working together to piece the product’s specs, appearance and release date. So far, this is the puzzle the online community has pieced together.

The next generation iPhone is arguably the most anticipated gadget in 2011, with its postponed launch only adding to the unconditional love Apple fans have for it. Apple will be unveiling the next generation iPhone Wednesday morning at 4am (AED), or Tuesday in the US. The iPhone 5 is believed to steal the podium show, with it to be joined by a budget iPhone 4. Classically Apple, the Cupertino based company has kept their lips sealed, fuelling consumer-propelled hype.

So far, this is the puzzle that’s been pieced together.


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Apple’s iPhone 4 uses a single core A4 processor that was built by rival Samsung. At the moment, the current processor is out of date, with Samsung and HTC phones running dual core processors capable of 1.2GHz.

Fortunately, the new iPhone is expected to inherit the iPad’s snappy Apple A5 processor, which is a 1GHz dual core. Although a tad slower than its rivals, it’ll be more than enough power to run Apple’s efficient iOS software.


The most recent reports claim Apple’s new iPhone will have 512MB of RAM, which is the same as the current iPhone 4. If true it’ll be disappointing, since HTC’s Sensation has 784MB worth, and Samsung’s S2 offers 1GB.

RAM is an important ingredient, with more powerful gear aiding in juggling multiple applications and preventing phones from crashing.



The iPhone 4’s camera was a massive leap from its 3Gs predecessor. It offered a 5MP (compared to a 3.2MP), produced better pics in compromised lighting and snapped incredibly smooth HD videos at 720p resolution. By today’s standards, it’s still a worthy adversary.

The new iPhone is expected to up the ante once more, with an 8MP camera, 1080p video recording and a LED flash, similar to the one currently complementing the iPhone 4’s camera. 

These specs keep it in line with the current competition, matching what is currently seen in the market.


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Steve Jobs Touting the iPhone Retina Display

Till this day, Apple has the greatest grasp on screen technology. A quick glimpse on the phone industry sees phones climbing in size, from 3.5-4 inches, and to tomorrow’s 4.65″ monsters. The current range of phones might be climbing in screen size, but the resolution (and subsequent pixel density) is relatively stagnant, resulting in an ordinary touch experience.

By contrast, Apple’s iPhone 4 Retina display offers a more receptive response. Although a smaller 3.5″, its 640 x 960 resolution has one of the highest pixel densities, really bridging the gap between touch typing and a hard-keypad.

The new iPhone screen has bounced back and forth, from 3.5, to 4.5 and to 4 inches. There have been reports of a larger screen made possible by a new, smaller bezel.

Ultimately though, there’s no rumour frontrunner here. However, Apple’s iPhone’s smaller size isn’t a detriment: it’s more of a feature.

The current 3.5″ is big enough to watch movies on, small enough to keep the phone conveniently portable and easy enough to type on. It’s an all-rounder with mainstream appeal, and in typical Apple fashion, they might ignore the ‘bigger is better’ screen trend and just stick with what works.



It’s believed the new iPhone will benefit from a new voice powered feature called Assistant. With Assistant, users can ask the device for places to eat by speaking to it and receive prompt recommendations, presumably combining an astute ear for words and an internet connection. The technology will convert speech to text, identify your location and then employ crowd sourcing to identify the best options.

There will undoubtedly be a few other small innovations, but iOS software has been refined over several generations, and its most recent incarnation is said to introduce the least new features since its debut.


When it comes to looks, there’s been a myriad of guesses, with accessory casing revealing a larger phone design, only to be refuted by claims that the phone’s size will stay the same. The only credibly indicator here is Apple’s history.

Taking into consideration the company’s simplistic approach to design, the new iPhone will most likely stick to a minimalistic complexion, be dominated by a large screen, a single button at the front and the iconic Apple logo on its back.


Although the iPhone unveiling will be happening tomorrow, the most potent rumour when it comes to its release is late October, with the 21st singled out. iPhone release dates have a nasty habit of bouncing back and forth, and although the 21st seems to be the most potent, its best taken with a pinch of salt.

More to follow overnight as SmatHouse hopes to report the confirmed specs of the upcoming iPhone.

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