According to an intrepid reporter from APC magazine who went snooping behind the counter at his local Domayne store and took a picture of an inventory price list which revealed that a 16Gb iPhone will leave you a shekel short of a cool $1000.

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The screen grab shows an unlocked 8GB iPhone 2.0 will cost $699.99 and a 16GB version will set you back $999.99.

To underline the validity of their report, APC has quoted Vodafone Italia who sell a locked iPhone 3G for 499 Euros, or 559 Euros for the 16GB model- somewhere about the  $AUD 850 mark.

However the Herald Sun newspaper claims that the 16 Gb iPhone is likely to retail for under $250 when it becomes available on July 11- which seems a touch optimistic as the locked 16GB version will sell in the US for $US318- or about $AUD 340, and considering the size of the US market, it seems fanciful to think that the iPhone Down Under will be cheaper.

Being locked to either Optus or Vodafone will certainly lower the price, but at the same time, it is highly unlikely the local iPhone will be cheaper than the US.

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