What’s the difference between the Macbook released in the US and one in Australia? One word: Price. The new Australian Macbooks will sport a higher price tag compared to its predecessors, making it difficult for Australian users to purchase a new Mac.

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Despite Apple dropping its prices in the US, Australians would have to pay more just to get hold of the newly released notebooks. The new Macbook Air now sports a price tag of $2,899, which is $400 more than its launch price ($2,499). In addition, the White Macbook sold for $1,499 before will now be sold for $1,649.

13-inch Macbooks will be sold here starting at $2,099, the 15-inch starts at $3,199, while 17-inch will start at $4,499.

Just for users to have a better idea of just how much Apple has increased its price for Australia, we have included a chart below, showing the US price, the converted price, and the Australian RRP.

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If we include GST, the prices will be as follows:

13-inch Macbook: $2,041.28 AUD
White Macbook: $1569.14 AUD
15-inch Macbook Pro: $3,141 AUD
17-inch Macbook Pro: $4,398.42 AUD
Macbook Air: $2,827 AUD

So what is the reason for the higher price tag? Reports say that Apple has done this in order to maintain profit in case the Australian dollar plunges even further.

If you want to purchase a Macbook, now is the time to head to your favourite CE shop and purchase its old stock. Alternatively, you can just order your Macbook from overseas, which would still cost less compared to purchasing it here.

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