Signs are indicating that Apple may release a new 8K or 6K display in 2019, the first new true Apple display since it discontinued its 27″ Thunderbolt Display in mid-2016.

Digital Trends collated all rumours surrounding the display that will likely work with the upcoming Mac Pro, due this year.

Apple 27 Thunderbolt Apple Tipped To Return To Display Market With 8K Monitor

Discontinued 27″ Thunderbolt Monitor

Back in 2017, Pike’s Universum, a blog that has made accurate Apple predictions, stated that the new Apple Display would have an 8K resolution.

However, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently tipped a more modest 31.6-inch 6K monitor with a mini-LED backlighting system.

When reviewers received Apple’s new Mac mini, they also received a Getting Started guide which included a page with an Apple Display on it, which looked different to the Apple Displays it discontinued in 2016 with a much thinner bezel.

This led many to assume that it was, in fact, an upcoming monitor.

In 2017, then Apple AVP of worldwide marketing Phill Schiller, told reporters that “Since the Mac Pro is a modular system, we are also doing a pro display,” a statement that Apple never contradicted.

All signs lead to a new Apple Display that is being designed with the Mac Pro and similar systems in mind likely focusing on professional design work and editing that would require a high-end monitor.

The potential new display is tipped to be expensive as similar monitors, like Dell’s 8K monitor retails around US$4,800.