Visitors to London’s giant Apple store are set to get the boot from using display Computers as a free internet cafe.

During a visit to the store this week it was impossible to get access to computers as school kids and overseas visitors used the store for up to an hour to access email accounts and send messages.

An employee in the store told SHN that on occasions it was “impossible to access a computer. We often have to boot them off a machine and when we do they complain”. During a visit to the store which has just been expanded due to its huge success we saw one visitor complain to an Apple employee that he was in the middle of writing a report for his university studies and that “he did not have time to move from the demonstration computer”.

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Apple Store London

The store in Regent Street is also the scene for live entertainment gigs. For example David Gray will perform live at on March 28. The show is part of Apple’s regular Live From London series of shows, and Gray’s live performance will be recorded and released exclusively through iTunes one week later. Up to 400 people will see the show live, with 200 watching the show on monitors downstairs at the store.

Apple is also opening a store in Birmingham in the British Midlands with one Apple executive in the UK telling me that he would not be surprised if an Apple store was not opened in Sydney in the near future.  

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