Organisations trying to profit from the boom in iPods could find themselves being sued by Apple following a decision by the Company to warn Companies that they are in breach of Apple trademarks.

Apple is attempting to protect it trademarks by sending out cease-and-desist orders to companies using names for their products that are similar to its iconic iPod or use the letters POD in their marketing. The letters were sent to at least two companies, Profit Pod and TightPod, Silicon.com reports.

Profit Pod makes a device that compiles data from vending machines, while TightPod is a manufacturer for laptop covers. According to a copy of a letter obtained by the technology site, Apple asserts that the names are too similar to its iPod, among other reasons.

In the Profit Pod’s case, Apple alleges the device looks too similar to the iPod. “It has not gone unnoticed that, like Apple’s iPod device, the Profit Pod product is a small, flat, round-cornered rectangular device with a display screen,” the letter reads.

Both the manufacturer of Profit Pod, Mach5Products, as well as TightPod, has gone as far as to request a trademark on the names. In letters to both companies, Apple asks the company to abandon this process.

According to Apple’s complaint, TightPod was also preparing to make covers for MP3 players that would have been marketed under the same name.

Apple was not publicly commenting on the situation.

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