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The Baumann Meyer Symmetry is a slim LED TV that is able to bring a good viewing experience to your living room.

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Baumann Meyer’s Symmetry SL55C100 is one of those televisions that exude elegance. The company claims that it is fully hand assembled from brushed aluminium and optical grade anti-reflection glass. The unit is fairly slim too – it has an edge profile of 7mm and a maximum depth of 40mm.

This 55-inch television features a 1080p resolution with Baumann Meyer’s Proprietary 10-bit 100hz Full HD Processor with Quantum Interpolation Algorithm Technology (QIA). The panel is LED edge-lit, has a native contrast ratio of 6000:1, and also promises a brightness of 450cd. As the new Symmetry takes advantage of LED technology, it is able to consume up to 40 percent less energy than regular LCD televisions.

Connecting your sources to the unit is not a problem as it comes with four HDMI out, AV out, Digital audio out (Coaxial and Optical), AV input, Headphone, VGA audio-in, D-Sub port, and Component in. The unit is also embedded with exclusive home automation features to suite professional home automation integration including RJ45 interface, IR Hex and RS232 control and full ISF calibration capability.

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Pressing the Menu button on the control panel or remote reveals a bar with six main options: Picture, Audio, Timer, DTV, Setup, and Option. The Picture menu allow users to adjust the brightness, contrast, sharpness, colour, tint, and even the auto backlight function, while the Audio menu shows the balance, audio delay, equaliser, surround, and audio source.

The DTV setup can adjust the OSB control, Parental control, AV control, search of channels, and displays the system status and signal. Finally, the Option menu consists of a local locking function, energy saving mode, teletext group, and Judder (can be set to Low, Standard, High, or turned off).

We played a couple of Blu-ray and DVD movies on the Symmetry and found that outdoor images looked natural and vivid, while black levels were deep. Playing the last few scenes of Close Encounters of the Third Kind on Blu-ray, we were able to see the rocks formations on the mountain as well as the detail on far away objects.


The 100Hz function of the TV is a bit of a hit and miss, with some fast-paced action scenes looking ‘artificial’. There were even times when people had a ‘halo’ around them, making this function unsuitable for movies. This function is perfect for sports though, but make sure that the Judder is set to ‘Low’ or ‘Standard’ for the best result. Have a play around with this setting in order to find out which suits.

Despite being located at the back of the unit, the two stereo speakers (2 x 10W) can get loud without distorting. Explosions were bold and conversations were clear, while music DVDs sounded warm. You can opt to hook to this to your home theatre audio system if you want to get the best audio, with the unit having an ‘audio delay’ feature that takes care of lip-synching issues.

Overall, the Baumann Meyer Symmetry SL55C100 is a great LED TV – it produces deep blacks, natural and vivid colours, and is made with the best materials in the market. Its 100Hz function should be turned off (or Low) to avoid haloing, but we suggest turning it on for sports. It is available now for $6999.

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