Acoustic Art has come up with an artistically-pleasing solution to noise absorption in your home-theatre or Hi-fi room.

 The Sydney-based business has combined art and acoustic absorbers that can replace boring old foam and curtains used in audiovisual entertainment rooms. The art is claimed to minimise the chaos and cacophony of exacerbated sound and noise reverb and works best when placed either above or opposite the speakers. 

Mary Brunton, owner and designer of Acoustic Art said “It is digital art transposed onto a fabric with high density acoustic foam in place, so it has a high absorption factor. I discovered that current acoustic absorbers such as foam and curtains just look ugly. I came up with the idea about two years ago when my husband and I tried to implement noise absorbers into our own home theatre; so it came about from a personal perspective. I just wanted something that looked good and dealt with absorption. So we started researching into the density of the foam in trial and error. We finally refined it in August 2005 and have been having to deal with running a business ever since (laughs)”.  

There is a vast range of artwork available and designs can be customised to user’s specifications, for example a child’s drawing or family portraits. The product is also fire- retardant so can be safely used in private or public places.

Price: $500-$1200 or approximately $500 per square metre.

See www.acousticart.com.au

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