50% of Aussies leave air-con on 1-4 hours A DAY.

jdohomto embeded image 1 Australians Are Throwing Money Away

But new
research shows that Australians are unaware of how much it costs to run air-conditioning units, despite having them on for several hours, daily.

Almost 50% of those surveyed by LG leave their air-con on for 1-4 hours per day
over the summer. Women are twice as likely as men to leave the air-con on for
more than 8 hours a day.

In total,
an estimated 9.2 million household units will be trying to keep the heat off
this summer.

But 90%
think air-con only accounts for between 1-30% of their energy bill. They
are wrong. 

Especially if they’re among the 60% of people who own an ageing

summer, if managed poorly, running your air-conditioning unit can account for
up to 50-60% of your energy bill,” warns Tim Wolfenden, from energy comparison
website Make It Cheaper.

efficiency should really be the top priority these days. You might save
upfront, but it can cost you further down the road.”

One of the
simplest tips is to maintain a room temperature of 25?C during summer. Every
one degree difference adds around 10% to your air conditioning running costs,
he says.

Ageing AC’s
are also a big reason for bigger energy bills. 
62% of
those surveyed owned AC units over 5 years old.

air-conditioning units can be up to 30% more efficient than non-inverter based
units” said Jennifer Osborne, Home Appliances Marketing Manager at LG.

“We would
urge Australians to check the age and energy rating of their current unit and
consider updating it if necessary. I
on a more efficiently rated system you can save money in the long term.”

latest R Series split system air conditioners allow you to control your units
from a smartphone, so you can switch it on before you get home.

Top Tips
from the LG Air-Conditioning Academy include:

– Monitor your temperature gauge and remember that every increase of 1 degree can
add up to 10% to the running cost of your unit

– Clean or replace your filter every 6 months. A clean filter will help ensure
your air-conditioner is performing at its most efficient.

– Don’t leave your air-conditioner on when you aren’t at home. Consider
purchasing a unit with remote control functionality like the LG 2013 R Series
Split System Air Conditioners. (Wi-Fi dongle sold separately.)

– Avoid placing other heat emitting home appliances near your air-conditioner. It
causes your unit to work even harder to cool the air around it, increasing its
energy output.

– Shade your windows in summer with curtains, awnings, or shutters to reduce heat
absorption. By keeping your house cooler your air-conditioner has less work to

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