Value for money supermarket group Aldi is churning up the mass market retail channel by selling a highly- specced Intel Core 2, 17″ high performance notebook with 3GB of memory for less than $1499. When SmartHouse compared similar models from brands like Sony, Acer, Toshiba and Asus the cheapest was over $2,500 and up to $4,000.

The notebook is made by Medion a German Company which is one of the biggest suppliers of notebooks to value chains like Target and Aldi. In Australia their notebooks are selling by the pallet load at Aldi stores particularly in locations like North Sydney where according to Medion Managing Director Gregor Aschoff the average consumer visiting the store is “educated, knows a lot about technology and is often working in the IT industry”.

According to the Aldi store manager at North Sydney every pallet load of notebooks they get is selling out immediately. He said “Our customers just can’t get enough of them- they are literally walking off the pallets when they are delivered.”

Said Aschoft “The notebooks are really great value for money inside them is the same brand components as in some of the more expensive notebooks. We have Intel processors, Windows Vista and Nvidia graphic cards. This is the best value notebook deal in Australia. You will not find this at stores like Harvey Norman because they want to add too much margin. They want marketing Co-op dollars as well as high margins. We do not spend a lot on marketing instead we deliver a great product and let word of mouth work for us.”


He added “Globally we sponsor a formula one team and we recognise that to be successful we have to offer great value for money”.

Aldi who are the very epitome of the phrase ‘stack it high, sell it cheap are now pumping out thousands of units of technology gear and will very soon be selling a budget satellite navigation device at sub $299.

 “Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the value offered by buying technology alongside their groceries,” said Rick Munday, marketing manager at Medion UK. “Medion is at the forefront of this trend, having sold best-value products through large retailers for many years.” He added. 

The notebook sold by Aldi is the Medion Akoya 96240MD. It comes with a host of features including Intel Core2 Duo processor, 1.66 GHz, 512MB NVidia GeForce 8600M GS Graphics Card Huge 250 GB hard disk and 17″ TFT WXGA Widescreen Display.

It also has  Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11 n-Draft with up to 300Mbit/s; 3 GB memory Express Card DVB-T TV-Tuner incl.; Bluetooth 2.0; DVI & HDMI Digital AUDIO/VIDEO out; Integrated 1.3 megapixel webcam with microphone; 8x Multi-Standard DVD/CD Writer; 6-channel audio out (analog + S/P-DIF ) only with external speaker set (not included) 4 in 1 Memory Card Reader; 2 Multimedia Speakers and subwooferOther features are ast Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s onboard; V.90 Modem incl. modem connection cable; Windows Vista Home Premium; Express Card DVB-T TV Tuner, DVB-T Antenna, Remote Control, AC Adapter, DVI Adapter, Notebook Carry Bag, USB Scroll Mouse and a Li-Ion Battery.

On top of that the notebook comes with a 2-year warranty and a sleek piano-style finish.

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