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Xbox Prices Slashed By 40%

Microsoft Australia has been forced to cut retail prices of a number of Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system accessories by as much as 40 percent in an effort to stimulate sales up against the Sony PS2 and 3 and the highly popular Nintendo Wii.
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Massive Credit Scam On Retailers

It's the biggest computer hacking and credit-card fraud in history. Some 11 people, including a US Secret Service grass, have been charged with hacking computer systems of nine major US retailers and the theft and sale of more than 41 million credit and debit card numbers.
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EBay Cave In To ACCC

eBay, who is currently under investigation for allowing the sale of counterfeit consumer electronic goods and is also under pressure from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, has caved in on its plan to force Australians to use only its PayPal service for making payments for auction transactions.